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Best Google Adsense alternatives.

Best Google Adsense alternatives.

                           Top 5 Google Adsense alternative which you can use to earn money by embedding their ads to your websites. They are not as comparable to Adsense but you don’t have any option then you can you this alternatives.

                         Google adsense had made their policy too strict for approval since it is not easy to get approval, so to earn money from your blog or website you can use this alternatives to earn money. Every blogger works on their blog or websites to earn money and write their content but in this their are some bloggers who just copy and paste from one site to their blog, so for this scam, adsense had made their approval policy strict. Everyone wants google adsense approval only because their CPC, CPM and services are uncomparable with any other earning services.

                          This alternatives do not have any policies like adsense that you cannot publish hacking, cracking, or copied material. Also they don’t have any eligibility criteria and you can show ads as you want means no limit of ads in your blog or websites page, instantly sign up and get you ads ready.

Best google adsense alternatives.

1. Propeller ads.

Propeller Ads is in the first list because it does not take any review days, it instantly verify your blog or website and it will start providing you the tag or code to paste in your website html code. They provide many types of ads which is:

1. Native Subscription

  • Profitable format with high CTR, perfectly compatible with all other ads
  • Get paid for each new subscription (CPS) or impression delivered (CPM).
2. OnClick (Popunder)

  • Popular, top-performing full-tab ads.
  • Monetize every visitor on desktop & mobile.

3. Interstitial

  • Non full-screen, suitable for desktop & mobile traffic.
  • Get higher revenue compared to the classic banners.
4. Smart Link (Directads)
  • Flexible ad format with smart ads auto-optimization.
  • Send traffic from your own banners, texts or other custom advertising solutions.
You can use all this zones to increase your profit. Also you can increase your profit by using their referral program also. CPM is based on Different Countries like US contains the most CPM rates.
I’m also using this propeller ads and it is performing good, all depends on your website or blog traffic and impressions.

  1. Payment methods available: Paypal.
  2. Minimum payout is : $100.
  3. Contact : contact.us@propellerads.com
2. Media.net.
Media.net is the another alternative to make money and this is in second list because it’s not like propeller Ads, media.net contains some policy and also takes 2 or 3 days for review of your websites and it is possible that it cannot be approved. But they give more profit because they are having high CPM rates. Creating a new ad unit is a simple enough process. Choose an ad size, design layout, and customize colors.
Then implementing the unit on your site involves simply copying and pasting a few lines of HTML code (Javascript) into your webpage’s source code.
Ads types providing:
  1. Contextual Ads
  2. Display Ads
  3. Native Ads
Media.net Support & Contact Information
  1. For new inquiries: pubsales@media.net
  2. For existing publishers: pubsupport@media.net
    Media.net Payment 
    1. Payment Methods Available: Wire transfer or PayPal.
    2. Payment Terms: Net-30.
    3. Minimum Payout Threshold: $100.
    3. Adversal
    Adversal is a great performing CPM ad networks and you can use this if you are fed up of requesting google adsense and rejected everytime. The CPM rates are shown in realtime and paymets (profits) are good depends on the traffics and impressions. They dont pay only for clicks also for impressions!! yes you heard right they also pay for impressions. But they have some policies for approval so read there terms and conditions.
    Ads types provided by them is:
    1. Banner
    2. Leaderboard
    3. Medium Rectangle
    4. Ministitial
    5. Pop-under
    6. Skyscraper
    7. Wide Skyscrapers
    1. Minimum Payout is $20.
    2. Payment method: Paypal, check.
    3. Contact: support@adversal.com
    So, I think you got some of the best google adsense alternatives. Share if you like this post with your friends who needs this information.
    Thanks for reading.

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