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How to make your pc run faster windows 10

     How to make your pc run faster windows 10         window 7

                               Hello Readers, In this post i’ll share some tips to make you pc run faster then usual, it works for all windows but i prefer you to use the latest version that is window 10 if you PC or Laptop contains 2 GB of RAM.

                              So never wasting time let’s start.

Tips for making Windows faster.

1: Make sure you dont have unnecessary programs.

Many of the programs are stored in harddisk which is not used , so make sure to uninstall programs from the PC which is not used because this simple programs only make the big difference, as your storage manager allocates ram and memory to this during startup even you don’t use that software.

Also there are some softwares that is manufacturer installed programs about which you don’t know or noticed anymore, so removing that from your PC is good idea. Also there are many trail softwares that you can uninstall or you can use the lite version of softwares which requires less space and RAM.

2. Control the limit of softwares that can runs on startup.

There are many programs which are designed to start automatically during start up’s. So make sure to control this startup apps by clearing them using task manager by right clicking on task bar and stops the unnecessary programs.

All these programs make your computer slow to start and make to computer to lag during startup which cannot be tolerable. From starting only all the programs running get running slow and  making the time to lag and hang the computer.

3. Make the visual effects low .

You can simply reduce the visual effects to make you programs run smoothly. Windows is designed to provide the users best GUI (Graphics user interface) which is totally good but it wants good amount of services from processors.

You can do this by going to Start > control panel > performance informations and tools > click on visual effects tab > adjust visual effects. So this will reduce your visual effects but your pc will run smoothly.

This option is not much necessary but all depends on the computer performance.

4. Check for viruses.

When we are surfing the internet or we want any information we go to many untrusted websites for free services and free programs. Some of the websites are trying to install malware in your through the programs or any files you are downloading from their websites.

So , always download from the trusted websites and use genuine windows to get great security updates and always scan for viruses. This viruses can totally slow down your PC by running itself on anythime without your permission.

Window Defender is the best antiviruses that is officially provided by the Microsoft which is totally protecting your computer from any type of viruses and it comes with windows and easy to use and totally free you dont have to pay any extra for this Anti-virus.

5. Use the Troubleshooter.

Window 10 providing the best service as it made for, you can simply run the troubleshooter service to solve the problems just goto search box type troubleshooting and click on troubleshooting control panel and simply run the maintenance tasks.

Troubleshooter will scan for any unnecessary files, shortcuts, performance issues and also other issues and tries to solve it.

So here I shown the list of tips tips to make your pc or laptop run smoothly, if you want more information about this you can visit the official microsoft website to see their article about this topic.

Thanks for reading, if you have any question about this comment below.

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