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How to open axis bank account from Home.

How to open axis bank account from Home.                    

                 Open an axis ASAP saving bank account at home, you don’t have to visit anywhere, you just have to do simple 3 steps to create the online bank account.

                                     So readers, in this post you will see how to create an online axis bank account from home, you will also get an Virtual Debit Card for online transactions. This is for those people who want to open several accounts for transactions and need many several accounts, but don’t have  time to visit the bank. But one important think  to mention that the limit of this ASAP account will be only 10,000 rs only. If you want to increase the limit then you have to visit branch for person verification with your aadhar card.

                                                          The process is very simple.

Documents Required.

1. Aadhar card

2. Pan card

3. Mobile Number which is linked to Aadhar card.

Steps to open Account

1. Download Axis bank app from google play Store – Download  and install the app.
2. Open the App and click on Apply Now which is in left corner of the app.

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3. Now, you will get many option but we want to open an account, so we will click on ASAP savings accounts. 
4. Now you will see two option which is, first one is we will open bank account using aadhar card and second one is without aadhar card, so here we are using aadhar card then we have to click on first option and then again you will get two so simply click on first option and proceed.
5. Now you have to enter you details which is asked, enter your phone number ( mobile number must be linked to aadhar card because OTP will sent by the bank for verification) , your aadhar number and Pan card Number. (Enter details correctly).
6. Now You have to enter the OTP which is sent by bank to the phone number which is linked to the aadhar card. 
7. Now simply you have to enter the email address and create pin number which will be use to login to the Axis bank account.
8. Note: All the details of your bank account like account no., IFSC code, customer ID  will be sent o your email address which you had entered during registration.
Features of open this account.
You can simply login in axis app using the 6 digit pin number.

Online Banking Anytime including Holidays also.
You will also get Virtual Debit Card to make any transactions and do online shopping.
Get instant services using app  only like applying for Credit card or check book.
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