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How to start investing in mutual funds using Paytm Money App.

How to start investing in mutual funds using Paytm Money App.

                             If you are thinking to start investing through mutual funds , but you have to invest very less amount, so Paytm Money app is the best option through which you can invest your money. Here, you can invest minimum amount which is 100 rs only.
                             So, here you will see how to create account on Paytm Money app and start investing in mutual funds with only 100 rs only.
Why Paytm?

                            Paytm is an Indian Company which is used to for money transactions and also E-commerce company like Paytm Mall. So like this paytm started one more app which is Paytm Money app which is launched in sep-2018 in India. Through this anyone can start investing in mutual funds with 0% commission and also beacuse you dont have to go anywhere and due to very easy process.

Here are some process to start.

1. First you have to download the Paytm money app from Google Play Store and install it.

2. Now open the app and login through your existing Paytm account information or if you dont have an existing account then create new account from paytm website or App.

3. After login you have to provide your all details as they want. All the process is online you dont have to go anywhere. Provide your bank information , address proof, Identity proof. (Put all details correctly )

4. After submitting your information you have to wait for verification, if verification is successful then they will inform you and you can start investing.


5. Now , find any mutual funds which give high returns or they shows many option to invest , so according that you can invest in mutual funds.
6. Now, you have to select the mode mutual funds as SIP and Lumpsum , means if you want to invest monthly you you should select SIP and if you have to invest Only one time you have to select Lumpsum.


7. Now, simply pay the amount how much you want to invest.

Now the process is complete .

      If you want more returns then SIP is the best option and also the duration of investing must be long, if you will invest for short term then I think you wont get good returns.

     I’m not forcing or i’m totally correcy about about using this app but according it is very easy for those who don’t know much about internet or technical information, but before using please research about investing in mutual funds.

    Also, you must get more information about SIP and Lumpsum which is best and which investing method will give more profit. But for profit the duration of the investment must be long as possible, so good luck for investing.

So, Thanks for Reading this Post.

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