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Best pc games to play without graphics card.

               Best pc games to play without graphics card.        

                         Hii everyone, here i'll show you some of the best games which you can play in your low end PC's. Playing games in the PC is the best option because you don't have to pay huge money for any game , it is easy and efficient to play games in PC.

                         Here, I'll share my experience only , the games I'm playing in my PC which Dell Latitude D360 which contains 2 GB of RAM and 300 MB of graphics.

Top 5 PC Games for 1 GB RAM

Listing of Games to play under 2 GB of RAM.

1. GTA Vice City.

                         This games GTA's , I think is one of the most legendary games for 90's, and most played games, in this games the first best 3D graphics game made by Rockstar comapany is GTA vice city which is the action games, people who like action will really like this Game, yaa!! I know Its totally old but for our PC requirement this the best option.

                         This game conatins many levels like riding, driving, fighting and all going to disco and many more. All the categories in one Game.

2. GTA San Andreas.

                         This is also the game developed by Rockstar company which is latest series of GTA games, You can play this game smoothly in 2 GB RAM, but you have to play the game in totally low graphics Mode which is not bad.

                         This game is same as vice city but contains some more features like swimming, operating train, racing, also adult scenes.

3. Need for Speed- Underground.

                          The best racing game developers which has continued to enhance the gamers experience. But at the old time, it also created the best games which is NFS-Underground which needs very minimum requirements, so if you like playing racing games, then this the best option for you.

4. Max-Payne

                         I haven't played this game much but then also for low end PC's, this game also is one good action, thriller and shooting game. New versions of this game is available you can check requirements and play that game also if you meet the minimum requirements.

5. Call Of Duty  - 2

                         Here comes the best game i had ever played, I prefer one of the best Shooting, military game. Guys I'm playing this game till now in my low end PC. You can play this game smoothly by adjusting the graphics of the game.

So guys had shown you all the best game for 1 or 2 GB RAM game and this all list is according to my experience and If you like any other then welcome.

Thanks for reading this article.

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