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Best ways to earn money online.

How to Make Money Online 2019.

Make money online

                      Hey guys, if you are looking for making some extra money online from home, then you are at the right place, so read this article carefully.

                      So guys, there are many ways to make money online like making youtube videos and monetize it, blogging, trading online using e-trading sites like Olymptrade.

So here i’ll show you how to make some money online using this ways to earn, all this ways are my experience i’m sharing but you can use other ways also as you prefer.

Best ways to earn money online.

1. YouTube Partneship Program.

    You must already knowing about this and some of you must be working on this but I’m listing this because this will help earning more and helping the other ways of earnings like, if you are a blogger and also a YouTuber then you can get huge traffics by just placing your Blogger site link in your video Description and I’m saying this beacause I had experienced this, sources of traffics on my website is from YouTube only.

Making money with YouTube is not too hard but yes not really easy, but if you will work on it and upload good content daily then you will surely be successful in it.

YouTube had changed it’s eligibility criteria for monetization as it requires 4000 hrs in past 12 months and 1000 subscribes beacause there many youtubers who just copy the content an make another video.

If you uploading videos regular then you can meet this criteria and for this you have to give some time to your channel. Now-a-days most of the successfull channel categories are Vlogs, comedy, technical, so you can the choose the best option in which you can do the  best.

Create New YouTube Channel: YouTube

2. Blogging.

    So guys, here is the second way to earn extra by Blogging, in Blogging you are sharing some information through your blog site or website. You can start any type of blogging like technical information, news, reviews, facts, cooking, tips, educational blog etc,.

   But remember your content should be totally yours, don’t copy and paste from another websites and don’t start blog about hacking and cracking or any illegal activities because here we will make money by using Google Adsense program, so google adsense don’t approve websites which contain illegal contents or any content that is out of Adsense policies.

  You can Start blogging by using Blogger.com which owned by Google itself or WordPress. They both provide you free hosting and Domain with their subdomain like YOURBLOGNAME.blogspot.com.

If you want approval it is  not easy, you must upload content regularly and make sure no copy content. Your blog must be containing 15 or 20 posts and I recommend you to buy your own domain using Godaddy or big rock because Adsense approve most of the blog which contains custom domain. Also your Blog must be minimum 2 months old.

Create Blog easily: Blogger

3. Amazon Affiliate

  Affiliate marketing is also one of the option through which you can earn. Affiliate marketing is the program through which one can earn money by sharing their amazon url  link to the users and if they buy the product through your link you will get Commission from amazon.

You can work with any other company also which is E-commerce, most of the company having this affiliate programming. You can use social media to get more users and you can use your Blog or YouTube channel to share your link. The highest commission you will get is from embedding Books or ebooks to your sites.

4. Domain and Hosting Affiliate Marketing.

Domain name Affiliate Marketing Program is provided by many Companies like Godaddy, Namecheap and many more companies. By joining them and promoting their banner ads on your blog will help to make some exra income.

Hosting Affiliate Marketing is also provided by many hosting companies. If your blog’s traffic is good then your Blog will really make good money because Hosting is required for running websites. Similarly to all process just embed their ads code on your blog as banner ads and promote them and if any visitor will make purchases from that specific site, then definitely you will get paid some commision.

5. Paid Reviews.

If you are getting good trusted traffic on your blog or YouTube 
then many other small products or app companies contact to write article based on their products. 

They can pay upto 10 to 50 $ just for making an article or an review of their products. 

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Hope you got the idea about how you can earn more , there will be more ideas to earn which i’ll shown in another posts.

If you have any suggestion, make sure to comment below.

Sharing is Caring. 

Thanks for reading.

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