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How To Make Money Using Propeller Ads

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           How To Make Money Using Propeller Ads  

When we are talking about website or blog monetization then Google Adsense comes to mind, but getting approval from Adsense is not easy and we have to make sure that our blogs or websites are eligible for approval and satisfy their approval policies. Sometimes, trying after many times our sites didn’t get approved and after Adsense don’t reply on your application and we lose the hope, so what to do that time to make our blogs or website monetize.

So readers, here i’ll show you how to monetize your blog or websites by using adsense alternatives, I had also uploaded post about best Adsense alternatives, you can read here. Here I’ll show you how  to make money with propeller Ads which is one of the Adsense alternatives. If you want then you can read my other articles of Adsense alternatives and use any of then, here I’ll shown you all the best ways to place Ads on your blog or websites.

Propeller Ads don’t require any eligibility for apporval of websites, it directly verify and instantly starts providing Ads for monetization. So let start,

Steps to Start with Propeller Ads

1 Go to this website: Here .

2. Now click on Monetize Traffic as shown in image. Monetize traffic means we will monetize our website or blog traffic by placing ads.

3. Now Publisher registration pade opens, enter all your details correctly and click on Sign up.

3. Now an email is sent to you which you had entered during registration. Check you mail and verify your email address.

4. After verifying your email address, you will be logged in. Now, add your blogs or websites address in the filed given.

5. Now they will provide you a tag which you have to paste in your website or blog for verification that this website is owned by you.

         How to verify your website:

For Blogspot sites: Go to your blogger admin page and click on Theme and then on Edit HTML as shown in image.

Now Paste that code in your html below <head> or before </head> as shown in figure.

6. After verifying this page will appear showing website or blog verified. Now click on your verified site.

7. Click on Create zone and Different types of Ads formats will appear. They provide Four types as shown in image. Native subscription, onclick (popunder), Interstitial, Smart link.

I’ll shown you about interstitial ads and show how to place it in your site and earn money.

Click on Get tag under Interstitial ad format, name your tag and click on “get tag”. Now code will appear, copy it and paste on your website or blogsite, you have to paste this ad code before </html> as shown in figure.

8. Now, everything is ready open your site and your ads is ready.

So, guys I had shown you how to add Interstitial ad format from propeller ads and the other Ads format are also so easy to place in your site. You can take help from their website by visiting their Help Centre page where all the questions and answers were shown and you can ask them about any query.

If you want me to shown to shown how to place other ad format of propeller ads on your site then comment below or contact us.

Thanks for reading……

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