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Top 3 Screen Recorders for PC

Top 3 Screen Recorders for PC                       Hey everyone, here is the list of best 5 screen recorders for windows 7,8 & 10. Screen recorders can be used for many purposes like if you are making tutorial video, youtube creator or many uses, so there must be the screen which records the screen in High Resolution and requires less CPU resources because if the PC is High end then no problem exists but if the PC is low end then your PC will lag because it can’t support many programs at single time due to low memory.

                        So there must be the Screen recorder which will take less memory and work perfectly with low end PC but also capture screen in high definition.

Top 5 Screen Recorders

1. CamStudio

Top 3 Screen Recorders for PC

CamStudio is a open source software and one of the best free screen capture software available, CamStudio is the software that you can use to easily start screen capturing. The program will export any of the video files that you record to .AVI format, you can  convert this .AVI format in any video formats.

CamStudio provides many features like which region on the screen is to be recorded, it provides Region, Fixed Region, Full Screen and Windows, windows option is the best option because it will recoed only open window which we had selected like if you are using chrome then it recoed only chrome window. It also provides Video Compressor option by which you can compress the screen capturing using various compressor like Cinepak Codec by Radius, Intel IYUV codec, Microsoft Video 1.

Pros & Cons.


  • Free
  • Open Source (any one can download)
  • Easy to use.
  • No recording time limit
  • Output is only .avi and .swf format.
  • Size of the output is large. (you can compress it using any software).
  • Require more CPU resources.
Download: CamStudio

2. Apowersoft

Apowersoft is also free and open source software and requires less CPU resources. This software is esay to use and you’ll be presented with a recording toolbar, and the centre of your screen will be selected by default. Use the drop-down menu to choose the part of your screen to be recorded (the full screen, a custom area, or a space the same dimensions as a mobile device). Also make your recorded video instructive by annotating with lines, text, callouts, highlights and more on a timely basis, means while recording only you can add colors, shapes, notes, and different icons like arrows using its toolkit.
Output Formats.
Export videos to MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, MPEG, VOB, ASF and GIF.
Download: Apowersoft

3. Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi is the most powerful lightweight screen recording tool and Movavi Screen Capture Studio comes with a built in editor that helps professionals to generate customized video content. It supports all features of Movavi Screen Capture tool with addition of few stylish filters, editor tool and special video effects. You can save videos with any desired format using this advanced software tool.
  • Software is integrated with capture and editing tools
  • It can capture and record streaming videos, video calls, games and applications.
  • Users can make screen selections as entire screen recording, customized portion, and specific application or single window on screen.
  • Some advanced tools are also incorporated like video stabilization, slow motion and chroma key for green screen effect.
  • Users cannot upload their videos directly to YouTube.
  • You have to spend your money to gain access of this software tool.
Download: Movavi
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