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Google search Tips. Google Shortcuts and Google basic search help.

Google Search Tips to Use Google more Efficiently.

Hii everyone, in this post you will see how to search Google like a Pro. This are some Google tips which will help you to search Google in such a way that you can find perfect solution for your query.
Google search has gotten a lot smarter over the years. These days, you don’t even need to spell words correctly. Google search can quickly and accurately search for specific query like specific site, filetype or convert both measurement units and currency value.

Here are some of the Google search tips with examples.

Adavnced  What you can do with it Google this.
site: search only within a specific site site:www.name.com
filetype: find a type of file: PDF, DOC filetype:PDF
define: find definitions for a word define:word
intitle: find words in the title of the webpage intitle:inspirational
.. get ranges of numbers, dates.. presidents 1800..1900
word * word find other combinations of words
between words
creative * writing
-word search for homer, but  Not simpson homer -simpson
“word” find exact words- no symptoms or plurals “peace” “freedom”
“set of words” search for exact set of words, quotes or phrases “I have a dream”

Calculator What you can do with it Google this
+ – * / add, subtract, multiple, divide 12+68
% of percentage of a number 12% of 68
cos() sin() trigonometry: cos, sin, tan cos(60)
km to miles convert units: temp (C to F), weight
(kg to lbs) …
100 km to miles

Info What you can do with it Google this
weather get weather for a region weather mumbai
movies find movies & threatres nearby movies 94043
flight status get fights status with the airline & flight number                                  HA 124

Get more tips on searching at: www.google.com/basic-search-help

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