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Intel CPU Series. List of Intel processors series. Fastest Intel processors.

Intel CPU Series. List of Intel processors series. Fastest Intel processors.

                                 Hii everyone, we are always confused about intel processors series that which series is faster among them and which is good for Gaming or Streaming PC’s. So here is the lists of Intel CPU’s series with some info and about their sockets and compatible Motherboards.


                               CPUs are the brains of computers, mainly responsible for interpreting computer instructions and processing the data in computer software. There are two major CPU product series available in the market: Intel and AMD. The two manufacturers has their own advantages, but the important thing to note is that different motherboards have different corresponding CPU sockets.For example, the Intel X299 platform works only with Intel processors that use the LGA 2066 socket. In general, high-end CPUs have higher model numbers. Aside from price, the difference in performance is reflected in the number of cores, clock frequency, overclocking ability and cache size.


Intel main CPU are as follows:

  Celeron series  : One of Intel’s cheaper models, providing entry-level performance, suitable for budget PCs mainly used for watching videos, word processing and surfing the web.

  Pentium series  : Offers higher performance than the Celeron, but weaker integrated graphics performance and smaller cache than the Core i series.

  Core i series  : The current mainstream CPU series on the market.

Core i3: Does not support Turbo Boost, suitable for light gamers.

       Core i5: Supports Turbo Boost, suitable for mid- to high-end gaming.

                             Core i7: Support Turbo Boost, with pricing depending on the number of cores.                                     Suitable for hardcore gamers who want high quality graphics, or users who                                           frequently run image or video editing software.

      Xeon series  : Normally used on workstations and servers, does not typically include integrated graphics.

    Here is a list of the current mainstream Intel CPU series compatible with motherboards:

    Fastest processor.

    Core i3 vs i5 vs i7 vs i9 in a laptop

    The situation in laptops is a little different. First, relatively few laptops use Core i3 processors compared to Core i5 and i7, though it’s worth noting that two of the six Whiskey Lake and Amber Lake CPUs announced at IFA 2018 are Core i3’s.

    Laptop Core i3’s are dual-core processors which feature both Hyper-Threading and Turbo Boost. Where are all the Core i3 laptops? This ‘entry-level’ processor hasn’t been around for as long as its Core i5 and i7 siblings, and often isn’t deemed low-end enough to fit into truly affordable laptops.

    Manufacturers often use AMD and Intel Pentium CPUs in their low-cost models instead. The Intel Core i5-8250U and i7-8550U are very popular, however.

    The Core i5 model has four cores, eight threads and Turbo Boost. So does the Core i7, but its clock speed and turbo are both faster. There isn’t a radical difference in the performance of these models.

    The Core i5-8300H has four cores, eight threads – similar to the i5-8250U model made for slimmer laptops. However, the Core i7-8750H has six cores and 12 threads, giving it dramatically higher multi-core power.

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