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How to make vector art. How to cartoon yourself.

How to make vector art. How to cartoon yourself. 

How to make vector art. How to cartoon yourself.

Hii everyone, in this post I’ll show you how to make vector art as shown in figure and also you can cartoon yourself like a pro very easily. There are many softwares to make vector art but we will use the perfect which is Adobe Illustrator for Android. In this tutorial we will see how to make vector art using illustrator for Android not from PC, so don’t worry you don’t need to worry about the software installation for PC or it’s requirements. Adobe Illustrator is simply available on Google Play Store for free.

How to make vector art

So for this we need to know some basics of adobe illustrator, so the editing using illustrator will be east. So let’s start,

Basics Tutorial.


In editing the most important thing is layers, understanding of layers will make you the perfect pro editor. Layer is nothing but image which will overlap with other image to form any perfect image. Using different layers for different specific parts is always beneficial.


There are many brushes which can be used but the main thing is where we should use the specific brush for some specific parts.

Colour combinations

Color combination is the most important thing to make you image look awesome.

About features.

The toolbar comes with 5 brushes and an eraser. Tap once on a tool to select it, or double-tap to change its settings.

Tap and hold Size or Opacity, then scrub up and down to change the value. Tap Color to access the picker, App Themes, and colors from your CC Library.

Keep your favorite brushes close at hand. To switch out a default brush from the toolbar, tap and hold a brush, then select a new one, such as the basic taper brush shown in our example.

Vector art tutorial

If you like using a certain brush for most of your work, you can add it in different sizes, opacities, and colors

Steps for creating vector art.

1. Load image or make outline sketch.
If you can make outline sketch then it’s good but if can’t make then load an image and draw the outline by taking new layers.
Click on + and select (image layer) and locate your image and draw outline sketch. You can use many shape tools to make parts like circle for making tyres or scale to make straight lines.

Tips: zoom in more and draw because that will the perfect art when we zoom out.

2. Take new layer and start applying colors 🎨 in the parts like tyres or black color parts as shown in figure. Make outline of any parts like I’m making outline of tyres using brushes and long press inside the area to fill it.

Tips:  Name all the layers like tyres or seats or red colors.

3.  Now time to edit details like engine Or designing the bike and use maching colors and if you dont have any idea then use search online and get the best color combinations.

Tips: Press and hold for long to fill the closed area.

4. Now adjust layers for perfect look like the  support or the designs layers must be in top for better art.

How you liked this and understand how you can make vector art. Like this only you can edit many and also make vector art of your face. 

Watch video for better understanding.

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