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How to make Stylus Pen at Home for free.

  How to make Stylus Pen at Home for free.            

          Hii everyone, if you are looking for a stylus and want to make digital art on phone but don’t have money to buy it or you are just trying something different without wasting some money, so in this post i’ll show you how to make stylus pen that really works. I also just started making some vectors arts and I don’t want to buy anything and wasting money for just passing my time. So, I had made stylus for totally free and it really works.

Take a look how it works.

How to make Stylus Pen at Home for free.

What you’ll need.

1. Ear Cleaner Buds.

Yes, you’ll need this ear cleaner buds which will make interface with touch screen devices. You don’t have to do anything with that stick, just keep as it is.

2. Copper Wire (Thin).

You need very thin copper wire which will be used, make sure the length of the wire must be around 10- 15 cm. You can get wire from any old electronic devices, just remove one copper wire and  keep in side.

3. Water.

Yes,  you’ll need water for conductivity of energy released from our fingers or it might be for any other reason.

4. Pen without refill.

Pen will be the base of the stylus pen like we’ll connect all the stuffs together and for giving look of the pen and also for better gripping.

This are the requirements for making stylus pen at home for free. I hope guys all this stuffs you’ll in your home.

 Steps for making Stylus .

1. We need to cut the ear cleaner bud in half so that can be fit in to the pen.

2. Now, just Insert that ear cleaner buds as shown in image.

3. Now, roll the thin copper wire from buds to the top of the pen or till the center of the pen, because always the copper wire must be connected with our fingers during the use of the stylus.

4. Now, get some water and dip the cotton of the ear cleaner buds in water. No, take of some water from the cotton and guys here you stylus pen is ready. 

Thanks for reading.

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