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Buy Domain at lowest Price. How to buy .com domain from Godaddy in 399 rs for 1 year.


             If you are thinking of changing your hosting domain like blogspot or wordpress, but the budget is low, don’t worry, in this article you will see how to buy domain at just under 500 rs for 1st year. Pricing depends on domain like if you want .com domain then it’s cost will be more than .in domain. But if you are Indian and trying to get Google Adsense Approval for your blog or website quickly buy getting your own domain then you should buy .in domain which is cheaper than all the domain an also Google Adsense accept this domain.

But in this post I’ll shown you about .com domain buying which will come around 450 rs including all the taxes, because .com is the best domain for all the needs. So all this process is simple, no illegal activity will be done, all the process is same only the trick we gonna do is just simply use some promocode and get highly discounts. The website we will use to but domain is GoDaddy which is certified and popular.

 How to buy .com domain from Godaddy in 400 rs for 1 year  

Step 1: Simply Goto Godaddy website. And sign up or if you already created the account then you can sign. Now, search your Domain by entering your domain name which you prefer and click search domain as you can see in images.

Buy Domain at lowest Price. How to buy .com domain from Godaddy in 399 rs for 1 year.

Step 2: Now, They will show if you domain is available or not and if available click on Add to cart and click Continue to cart. Now, there will be many additional domain configurations if want then you can select as you prefer or leave as it is and continue to cart.

Step 3: Now, you will see on the checkout page, the amount is 1500 rs to 1600 rs because the default period is 2 years and also there are extra domain configurations are provided so you can remove this extra configurations and select your period for 1 Year. And you see the Amount will be approximately 950 rs for 1 year.

Step 4: Here comes all the trick, now simply click on “Have a promocode” and enter “CJC99COM”, after your domain applied, you will see the amount is 399 rs per year.

So, everyone this process is for 1st year only and afte that the price will be little bit more, but I’m showing this because you get adsense approval fast and earn some money if you are a blogger and pay for next year. So work Hard and earn more.

So, this process if totally legal as you can see no illegal process is done and you can see that on the front page of their websites they shows buy domain in lowest price on the checkout page you can see that there is no discount because they don’t show or provide their Promocode. 

So, enjoy and share with everyone who need this trick and please comment if you have any issues.

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