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How to Make Money Online in India | How to Make Money Online using Blogging.

How to Make Money Online in India

How to earn extra income from blogging?

How to earn extra income from blogging? How to make money using Blogger? Hii everyone, if you are a blogger then your most of your earnings are not too good and if you want to earn extra earnings then this article is for you, so keep reading this article carefully. I’ve shown 3 best ways which will help you to earn more than Google Adsense.

What is Blogging?

    So guys, here is the second way to earn extra by Blogging, in Blogging you are sharing some information through your blog site or website. You can start any type of blogging like technical information, news, reviews, facts, cooking, tips, educational blog etc,.

   But remember your content should be totally yours, don’t copy and paste from another websites and don’t start blog about hacking and cracking or any illegal activities because here we will make money by using Google Adsense program, so google adsense don’t approve websites which contain illegal contents or any content that is out of Adsense policies.

Top 3 Ways to Earn Extra Income.

1. Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the best ways to make some extra income through blogging, you just have to sign up for Affiliate Marketing from Amazon or flipkart and get ads code and embed on your Blogging site and promote them, I any visitor buy something through your blog then according to affiliate program you will get some commision after successfull order. This way is simple but for earning your blog must get average trusted traffics so that there will be more chances to get some clicks.

2.Domain and Hosting Affiliate Marketing.

Domain name Affiliate Marketing Program is provided by many Companies like Godaddy, Namecheap and many more companies. By joining them and promoting their banner ads on your blog will help to make some exra income.

Hosting Affiliate Marketing is also provided by many hosting companies. If your blog’s traffic is good then your Blog will really make good money because Hosting is required for running websites. Similarly to all process just embed their ads code on your blog as banner ads and promote them and if any visitor will make purchases from that specific site, then definitely you will get paid some commision.

3 Paid Reviews.

 If you are getting good trusted traffic on your blog then many other small products or app companies contact to write article based on their products. They can pay upto 10 to 50 $ just for making an article. So make to rank your blog in Google. 

Rank first on Google By Niel Patel.

Thanks for reading this article. 

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