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How to Create a Blog and Earn Money

How to Create a Blog

Hey everyone, one of my subscriber asked me to make a article about how to create a blog for free and earn money from that blog.

I haven’t planned to write this blog because there are many articles available about this topic, but I’m writing this article   because every blogger having a difference experience during there blogging journey that how they got inspired and how they got adsense approval and many other topics.

So never wasting time Let’s start.

Guys, please read each and every line because blogging is not as easy as everyone things, so please read carefully because all the basic things which is too necessary is given.

What is Blogging?

In Blogging you are sharing some information through your blog site or website. You can start any type of blogging like technical information, news, reviews, facts, cooking, tips, educational blog etc. 

But remember your content should be totally yours, don’t copy and paste from another websites and don’t start blog about hacking and cracking or any illegal activities because here we will make money by using Google Adsense program,  Google Adsense don’t approve websites which contain illegal contents or any content that is out of Adsense policies.

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How to Create a Blog for free.

For Blogging, we need a hosting and domain which is very important and provided for free by many blogging platforms.

Here are some of the Blogging platforms:

1‌. Worpress
2.   Blogger

If you have no investment for blogging, then I’ll recommend to use Blogger

It’s totally free and you can change from Blogger to WordPress anytime when you have some investment.

So, we will work with Blogger.

Step 1 – Creating Blog

Go to Blogger website,  Sign in using Google Account. Click on “Create new blog

Now, Enter blog title which is not your domain but the name of your site or blog. For example, “techblog” or gamingblog” or depend on your niche.

In my case, I’m giving “Gaming Blog” and after this enter your Domain name which will be your Blog web address. 

Enter the name and check wether it is available or not. If it is available then you will get to know.

Now, Select any of the Blog Theme and click in “Create Blog“.

Now, your Blog is Created successfuly and this is your Blogger Control Panel or say Dashboard where you can Create Post, view your status about traffic, Change the Theme, Create Pages.

You can view your Blog by Clicking “View Blog” which is at the top left side of the page or directly by entering the Blog address which is created earlier.

Step 2 – Creating Pages in Blog

We have to create many pages which is necessary as per Google Policies which is 

  1. Privacy Policy
  2. About us
  3. Contact 
  4. Disclaimer

This pages are very important and must be created if you want Adsense Approval.

How to Create a Privacy Policy Page. 

You can Create this pages using free online tools which is listed below, 

Privacy Policy – Create

Disclaimer – Create

How to Create Pages in Blog

Goto your Control Panel Or main Blogger page, Click on “Pages” and create new.

Now, you will see the Editor Page, here you can create or embed your necessary Pages.

For About Us page Write about Yourself and About your Blog in compose section. 

For Contact us, use Google forms and Embed to your Page.

For Embedding, click on HTML in Editor and paste the code. Same for Privacy Policy and Disclaimer Page.

Now, you have to make this Pages visible on the blog, so for that just Goto “Layout“. Here you can show pages anywhere but use header or bottom positions.

Move to bottom and Click on “Add Gadgets“, now pop-up screen will appear, you have to select “Pages” and you can edit as you want and click “Save

Step 3 – Modifying the theme.

Some Important widgets I have shown must be embedded in your blog.
  1. Subscribe Newsletter
  2. Search The Blog
  3. Translate Tool
  4. Social Buttons
For this widgets, goto Layout, plan where to place the Widget and Click on “Add Gadgets” and Add all the widgets.

So guys, in this article you have seen only how to create a blog and some simple settings.

But there are more settings and configuration to make your blog visible and SEO ready.

For all this configuration, you can prefer Youtube or I’ll publish a Article About this, So please subscribe to our Newsletter so that you can get Notification about new posts.

Sharing is Caring

Thanks for Reading.

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