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How to create a YouTube Channel and earn money

How to create a YouTube Channel

How to  create a YouTube Channel

Hii everyone, want to earn money by starting a successful YouTube channel.

Here you will see the full tutorial about how to create a YouTube channel using your Phone or Desktop. Before creating YouTube channel you must need to know the YouTube polices and eligibility.

How YouTube Pays?

To earn money from YouTube, you have to create a channel in which you have to regularly upload your videos and apply for Adsense approval. Videos must be yours otherwise you’ll get copyright strikes.

After approval Ads will be shown during starting of your videos.

Eligibility criteria for Approval

YouTube had changed it’s approval criteria for monetization as it requires 4000 hrs in past 12 months and 1000 subscribes.

If you uploading videos regular then you can meet this criteria and for this you have to give some time to your channel. Now-a-days most of the successfull channel categories are Vlogs, comedy, technical, so you can the choose the best option in which you can do the  best.

How to create a YouTube Channel

Create YouTube Channel Using Desktop

How to  create a YouTube Channel

1. Goto the YouTube website.

How to  create a YouTube Channel
2. Click on the top right corner where you account is showing, now click on your channel. 
How to  create a YouTube Channel
3. Now, you can see the option of creating YouTube channel. Enter your channel first and last name. You can only change your YouTube channel name thrice in three months
How to  create a YouTube Channel
4. Now, your channel is created successfully. 
5. You can now edit your logo and YouTube channel banner by clicking on customize channel. 
How to  create a YouTube Channel

    Verify your YouTube Channel

    You have to verify your channel to upload videos whose is more than 15 min and upload it with custom thumbnail.

    How to  create a YouTube Channel

    1. Goto this verification page. 
    2. Enter your phone number and you’ll get an verification pin through sms service. 
    3. Enter the pin on the verification page and congrats you have verified your account. 

    How to Monetize your video. 

    How to  create a YouTube Channel

    1. For monetization you must meet the eligibility criteria which is 4000 hours watch time in part 12 months and 1000 subscribers (no time limit) . 
    2. For activating monetization goto this link
    3. Under monetization section click on enable and from here your can follow the steps shown. 
    4. Click on start, create new adsense account or if you already have an account then link that account. 
    5. After following this steps they will review your YouTube channel and this can take approx 1 week or less.

    Create YouTube channel using your phone. 

    1. Start YouTube application and click on the account which is in top right side as shown in image. 
    How to  create a YouTube Channel
    2. Tap on your channel and now enter your channel first and last name. 
    How to  create a YouTube Channel
    3. Now, your account is created successfully. You can edit your logo and edit your youtube banner. 
    How to  create a YouTube Channel
    You can upload your video by tapping on the logo shown in image.

    Creator Studio. 

    How to  create a YouTube Channel

    Creator studio is the best tool provided to youtubers from where they can edit there video and delete their video or channel. 
    There are many options by which you can modify your channel like monetization, custom url of your channel, live streaming option. 
    You can view your video analytics where you come to know that which country is viewing the most of your videos.

    From where you are getting traffics, etc.

    YouTube channel tutorials. 

    Tips for Successful channel. 

    If you want to run successful channel, you must upload videos regularly.

    • Make sure to enter your title name with keywords which is trending like how to, top, best, etc.
    • Try to interact with people to get attention and for that you have to show yourself by creating small introduction in video. Survey shows that this is the best way to get more subscribers. 
    • Make sure to add tags which is very important for your YouTube videos to rank and get views.
    • Your thumbnail must be awesome and you can create it by using many free apps like thumbnail maker from play store.

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