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How to Install Windows 10 using Pendrive

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How to Install Windows 10 using Pendrive

Want to upgrade your PC or Laptop OS to Windows 10?  Do it at your own for free.

Although there are many option for installing Windows, we can install using CD’s, pendrive and directly upgrade from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1, if you have good internet connection.
In this article you’ll see how to install windows using Pendrive. 
For this installation we need some files which is
  • Windows 10 ISO file
  • PowerISO software
  • More than 4 GB pendrive.

Note: Pendrive must be totally clean.

How to Download Windows 10 ISO file for free

How to Download PowerISO  software

  • If you don’t know which version to download simply download 32-bit software.
  • Installation of PowerISO is simple as any other installation.
Now, we have to create a bootable device which will be used for installation Process.

How to Create a Bootable Device

  1. Start PowerISO in Administrator mode.
  2. Insert your Pendrive (USB)  into your Computer USB cord.
  3. Click on Tools in menu and click on Create bootable device. 
  4. Now, browse your Windows 10 ISO file from the location where stored as shown in image.
  5. Select the Pendrive in which you have to perform this operation and leave the write method as it is (USB-HDD).
  6. Now, all the task is over, simply click on Start.
  7. After some time it will show a Notification of completion.

How to Install Windows 10 using Pendrive (USB)

  1. Insert your bootable device into the laptop or  PC in which you intend to install Windows 10.
  2. Restart your PC or laptop and quickly open Boot menu by pressing f9 or f12 keys based on your system.
  3. Click on USB Storage device or similar to this and click on f10 and select yes and hit Enter.
  4. It will ask you to click on any key to continue.
  5. Now, installation Process will start and now the important Process begins.
  6. Choose the language, time and currency Format and input method and hit next.
  7. Click on Install Now. 
  8. If you have product key then enter or skip this step (i’ll recommend to skip)
  9. Now tick their terms and click on next.
  10. Click on second option which is custom installation.
  11. This is important step, you can create, delete and modify the space in disk.
  12. Skip step 13,14 & 15 if you don’t have to create any partition.
  13. Select any of the partition which is empty or any other OS installed in it and click on delete.
  14. After deletion, you’ll see it will show you as unallocated space, click on unallocated space > new > enter the size in MB you want to allocate for installation > Apply  and a new partition will be created.
  15. For example, I’m taking 195 GB for windows installation and after that I’ll click on the unallocated space > new > enter the remaining space in MB > Apply.
  16. Now,  select the partition in which you want to install Windows and next.
  17. Now, relax Windows will be installed and your PC will be automatically restart and here you have to perform some simple configurations.
  18. Again asking for product, enter if you have or click on do it later. 
  19. Now, click on Use Express settings. 
  20. Create a new account with username and password.
  21. It will take some time for settings with welcome message and enjoy.
Enjoy Windows 10 and hope you got an idea about creating bootable device and also how to install Windows 10.

You can perform same operation for installing windows using CD drive. 

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